In this tutorial we will explain you how to extract emails, contact numbers from a list of websites.
From the dashboard first locate ‘Find B2B contacts’ menu. Click on the menu.
Leads And CRM Dashboard
For finding the contacts first you need to upload the details of the company or their domain name.
  • Provide name to your list.
  • Filter query which means you can select one option from the given options about how many contacts you need per company.
  • Add the details about the folder where you want to keep your list.
  • Paste company names or domain names and you can upload around 1,000 names at a time.
B2B Leads Management
Once you have uploaded the data, we will perform search operation in the mentioned domain names for you and the search will return its result in the form of a record extract from the domain which contains the count of total number of companies it has searched, total search done, total number of contacts found, status of the search and in the last you will find one option to download the list. You can export emails, names etc. In this way you can generate contacts of the people that can be the lead for you. Using transfer button you can transfer that in the CRM software.
Leads And CRM Enriched Business Data

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Leads And CRM

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